Breadth Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts

  1. Bachelor of Arts students complete a breadth component of 50 points (four subjects), with another 25 points (two subjects) of free (that is, breadth or core) subjects.
  2. At least 12.5 points of breadth must be taken at Level 2 or 3 (and no more than 37.5 points at Level 1).
  3. You are encouraged to take at least one 37.5 point (three subject) breadth track. (Learn more about Breadth Tracks)
  4. Students who undertake a major in Psychology will complete 125 points with 100 points taken as Arts core subjects and 25 later year points taken as breadth.
  5. Students who undertake a major in Economics will complete 112.5 points with 37.5 points taken as Arts core subjects, 50 points taken as breadth and 25 points taken as free subjects.
  6. Students who undertake a major in Geography will complete 100 points with 25 points taken as Arts core subjects, 50 points as breadth and 25 points as free subjects.

Breadth Subjects Available for Bachelor of Arts Students

  • Most subjects outside the main fields of study in your degree will be available to you as breadth, please note that you must meet any relevant subject prerequisites. This includes subjects taught by other faculties and departments as well as specially-developed University Breadth Subjects (UBS).
  • Students may choose to complete a breadth track, a coherent sequence of subjects that develops knowledge and skills in disciplines, themes or topics from outside your degree. For more information, refer to Breadth Tracks.
  • To further support the University’s goal of enabling more students to contribute to and learn from countries in our region, all undergraduate students (including BA students) are able to enrol in Asian language subjects (Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese) as breadth. See the full list here.
  • Bachelor of Arts students have the choice of taking MULT10001 Aboriginalities as breadth. As this is normally a core Arts Foundation subject, students taking this subject as part of the Australian Indigenous Studies major cannot count this towards breadth.  
  • To view all breadth options for the Bachelor of Arts, please refer to the Handbook.