Breadth Requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce

  1. Bachelor of Commerce students complete a breadth component of 50 points (four subjects), with another 25 points (two subjects) of free (that is, breadth or core) subjects.
  2. At least 12.5 points of breadth must be taken at Level 2 or 3 (and no more than 37.5 points at Level 1).
  3. Students pursuing accreditation in Actuarial Studies will take 75 to 87.5 points of breadth and free subjects outside the Commerce disciplines, including two breadth subjects that are neither mathematics nor statistics.

Breadth Subjects Available for Bachelor of Commerce Students:

  • University Breadth Subjects.
  • Non Core subjects available as breadth study (such as undergraduate subjects in Law or Education).
  • English as a Second Language subjects.
  • Subjects offered in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Environments, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Science that are available as breadth.