Pre-2011 Breadth Rules

In 2011, the breadth requirements of the Melbourne degrees changed slightly. If you were enrolled in one of these programs before Semester 1, 2011, you can choose to complete the requirements of your degree under either set of breadth rules.

The current rules are outlined on the Breadth Information page.

Although each Melbourne degree has its own rules and there are a few exceptions (see 'Exceptions' below), the following are common across all of them:

  • 25 per cent (75 points - six subjects) of your course must contribute to your breadth studies* (most people will do two breadth subjects each year (one per semester))
  • You must complete at least one breadth subject (12.5 points) at level 3

* Bachelor of Engineering students can take between 37.5 points (three subjects) and 50 points (four subjects) of breadth study depending on their stream.

The pre-2011 rules or requirements for breadth study in each of the undergraduate Melbourne degrees are basically the same. The links below will tell you more about any breadth rules and requirements that may be specific to your degree and the number of breadth subjects you must take.

Pre-2011 breadth requirements for:

Breadth rules for the Bachelor of Engineering have not changed. Bachelor of Engineering Breadth requirements


Pre-2011 exceptions to note:

  • Students undertaking a BCom seeking professional accreditation in Accounting are required to take 3 specified Law subjects as breadth. Under special arrangements, students undertaking Actuarial Studies need to include at least 25 points of breadth that is not Maths. Please consult the Bachelor of Commerce breadth requirements for more information.
  • Subjects for the BBiomed are not available as breadth. Students may take equivalent subjects from the Bachelor of Science.
  • Subjects from the VCA are not available as breadth.
  • Usually, third-year Capstone subjects will not be available as breadth.
  • Special requirements apply to BA students wishing to major in Psychology or Economics. Please consult the Bachelor of Arts breadth requirements for more information.