Breadth Tracks

The University has developed clear breadth sequences, or 'tracks', that will help you (and staff) identify coherent groups of breadth subjects and allow you to extract the maximum benefit from your breadth component.

What is a breadth track?

A breadth track is a set of three or more subjects that progressively develops knowledge and skills relevant to some domain, theme, topic or issue. The University has developed a comprehensive range of approved breadth tracks for each course (see below).

Why have tracks been introduced?

Since 2008, feedback indicates that some students have had difficulty selecting their breadth studies from the enormous range of options available. In keeping with this, many students have asked for greater guidance in selecting their breadth subjects.

Breadth tracks address these issues by providing you with clear, coherent subject groupings.

Finding breadth tracks for your course

You can search for breadth tracks in the Handbook in the same way you search for subjects or courses - just select Breadth Tracks from the Quicksearch options on the Handbook homepage and enter keywords. If you want to see a list of all the breadth tracks available, enter a wildcard '%' into the search field and click 'Go'. Breadth tracks will also appear as a grouping if you search for 'All entry types'.

Each breadth track entry includes a statement in the Notes section that will tell you whether or not it is available to students in your course. If you're unsure whether a particular track is available to you, please contact Stop 1.